Admissions & Transitions

Admissions for Reception Class

Our governing body is the admissions authority for Wellington Eagles Primary Academy. The law covering school admissions dictates that we are part of the national scheme for Year R. Applications from Wiltshire addresses must be made on the Wiltshire form and sent to County Hall in Trowbridge. Applications from other counties must be made through the local authority who will forward the application to Wiltshire. The deadline for application is the end of October.

Children who have an Education and Health Care Plan of Special Educational Needs and who choose Wellington Eagles Primary Academy will be admitted automatically without having to complete an application form. We will admit all those who apply for a place in Year R (up to a maximum of 60). If we receive more than 60 applications, priority is given in the following order:

1. Children in care.
2. Other vulnerable groups (see the current Wiltshire admissions booklet for further details).
3. Children with siblings in Years 1-5 at the Wellington Eagles Primary Academy (at the time of application).
4. Distance from home (measured in a straight line to the school). Priority is given to those living nearest.

Notification letters will be posted to parents by Wiltshire Council.

In Year Admissions

If you would like to apply for a place at Wellington Eagles Primary Academy midway through an academic year, all applications must be made through Wiltshire Council.

Service Personnel Admissions

Admissions to Year R for service personnel moving to a Wiltshire address should be made via Wiltshire Council. Application may be made as soon as posting notice/assignment order/confirmation of quarter allocation has been served from the Defence Housing Executive.

To view the timetable for admissions appeals, please click here

For further information regarding admissions to the school, please contact Wiltshire Council directly:

Website: Wiltshire Council Admissions
Telephone number: 01225 713010