Wellington Eagles Primary Academy, a school for the curious child.


What do we want our Eagles children to do, know and be?

Mrs Johnson-Motyl

I am delighted to welcome you to Wellington Eagles Primary Academy.  

We pride ourselves on being a school for the curious child and are a thriving school community with great ambitions for all our pupils. Our core school values of Kindness, Curiosity, Grit, Acceptance, Courageousness, and Integrity are woven into our curriculum, learning environments and partnerships as we show pupils how they can live their lives using these values daily in all they do.

Curiosity is our driving principle for creating an inspiring and challenging global curriculum. We have high expectations for every pupil and create learning experiences that challenge, extend, and deepen learning and thought. When answering the question ‘What do we want our Eagles children to do, know and be…’, our team will explain we want every child to develop a love of reading and learning, be passionate and relentless in their pursuit of excellence and to use curiosity as the starting point for understanding themselves and others. We believe ‘excellence’ encompasses academic excellence, attitudinal excellence, and aspirational excellence and this drives all we do in day-to-day life in school.

We teach every pupil to approach life from a place of kindness and compassion. Being compassionate, helps us to seek resolution, and as global citizens we need our future generation to be able apply their knowledge and skills to the many situations that an ever-changing world demands of them.

Firm in our belief that children come first, we strive to ensure that every pupil and their family is welcomed from their first day with us and feels happy and safe in their environment. We offer a varied selection of enrichment and enhancement experiences that develop character and foster opportunities to learn critical skills using the arts, outdoor learning, and investigations. Our partnerships with our Trust schools, parents & carers, wider community and professional colleagues is central to all we do.

Through collaboration and having a relentless quest for excellence, we strive to do and be the best that we can be in our work and play. Our staff are dedicated and professional; each person bringing something unique and special to Eagles. We all care passionately about making our school a vibrant, inclusive, and engaging place that children are proud to belong to and love to attend.

Our school therapy dog ‘Lillibet-Rose’ is a mischievous cocker spaniel and was named by the children after the late Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret Rose. The children felt the name Lillibet-Rose would be a reminder to us all to continue to mirror the values our late Queen; in her acts of charity and tireless work to support others.  Lillibet supports all our pupils and brings joy to the Eagles community every day with her mischief and energy!

At Eagles, through the approach of kindness and compassion, we encourage learning to be a process of exploration, trial, and error. We teach children to know, understand and celebrate this journey, using mistakes to grow from being a novice to developing expertise. Through our inclusive curriculum and wider learning opportunities, we show pupils how their resilience, strength of character and passion for learning will help them develop the highest aspirations possible for their own futures.

Our website gives a glimpse of what makes Eagles such a wonderful school, to see more of what your child will experience with us, please make contact to arrange a visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to Eagles.


Mrs Johnson-Motyl

Head Teacher