Music Day


We had a special guest at Eagles Years 3 and 4 have spent time immersed in music with Louise Jordan, a composer, and performer based in Salisbury
The children listened and appraised ‘What a wonderful world’ by Louie Armstrong, ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ by Bobby McFerrin, and ‘We are the champions’ by Queen.
They discussed how the songs made them feel and what part of the song made them feel that way, for example, was it the rhythm or the words.
The children then used the glockenspiels and keyboards to write their own melodies using their created rhythm.
After this, the children wrote their own lyrics using the school values.
A fun-packed inspirational session that the children took so much from
Louise will continue to journey around schools in Wiltshire capturing the different school’s ideas and composing a song utilising all the ideas from the children she has met.

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