Curriculum Vision

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Curriculum Intent

The intent of our mathematics curriculum is to provide a curriculum, which is accessible to all and will maximise the development of every child’s ability and academic achievement. We are consistently working alongside our local maths hub in developing our maths mastery journey.

Our aim is to provide learning in small steps to enable all children to achieve success in maths. We use White Rose Maths as our long term plan but we are enriching this resources and further personalising it to our own children but using the NCETM Spine Documents to supplement the White Rose Maths Resources. At present, we are focussing on the use of specific mathematical vocabulary in lessons by using Stem sentences and Generalisations as well as the precise vocabulary for different parts of equations.

We hold a firm belief that maths must be held in our hands before it can be held in our heads, and this leads to our continued strive to develop our use of resources and manipulatives within lessons. Our use of the Eagles’ and Lions’ Six, based on Rosenshine’s principles, support the delivery of lessons and ensuring all children have the chance to succeed.

What We Have Been Learning In Maths

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