Curriculum Vision

Our visions at Wellington Lions/Eagles Primary Academy is to promote the curious child throughout the curriculum. In MfL, we do this by creating engaging lessons where children can explore different vocabulary and grammar in the French language. The children will have the opportunity to experience, play, and use, develop and connect with the French language. We believe languages are for life and learning another language raises awareness of our multi-lingual and multi-cultural world. When they leave our school, they understand that learning languages is a lifelong skill for education, employment and leisure in this country and throughout the world, giving them greater opportunities in the future.

Curriculum Intent

At the Wellington Primaries, we encourage our children to celebrate differences and become accepting members of a multi-cultural society through a high-quality education in Modern Foreign Languages (MfL). Our current MfL is French. Our vision is for our children to be able to understand simple French vocabulary and hold a two-way conversation by the end of key stage 2. We believe this will create a smooth transition into MfL at secondary school and beyond. During key stage 2, children will have the opportunity to be taught by a specialist French teacher and class teacher to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

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