Support Network

Support for High Achievers
High achieving pupils have the right to experience a curriculum which stretches their academic ability and challenges them to reach their full potential.

As a school, we will encourage them and provide links with other schools in the area to provide a range of activities that will stimulate our more able learners, such as spelling competitions, maths challenges and science based challenges.

Our academically more able children will explore mastery through the breadth and depth of the curriculum. All our staff will know these children so that they can ensure that, across the curriculum, they are being provided with opportunities to reach their full potential

Supporting Families
We are very conscious of the social and emotional support issues faced by the children from service families. We offer an ‘All about me’ passport booklet to all new children and a buddy system during the first week of settling in and, for children who may need additional support, we have a school counsellor who’s role it is to provide additional care for these children.

For parents, we have a Parent Support Adviser.

We also run a weekly toddlers and coffee morning in order to give parents the opportunity to make new friends and catch up.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)
“Pupils first language is defined as any language other than English that a child was exposed to during early development (Birth-5 Years) and continues to be exposed to in the home or Community.” DfE 2016

Staff at Wellington Eagles will work closely with parents to ensure that appropriate support is provided for pupils with EAL. We celebrate our diversity through specially planned events, such as Fiji Day, where pupils and parents can educate our community about their culture and honour traditions.