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World Book Day

Story in a bottle
To celebrate World Book    Day our children were encouraged to have a go at creating their favourite story in a bottle at home and bring into school to share with their class.
We were thrilled to see the variety of creations the children have come up with that are now displayed in our school library creating a beautiful and unique visual representation of our children’s creativity and celebrating literacy.
Thank you to all the children who participated in this activity and helped make our library a more magical and exciting place
Our theme for World Book Day this year was ‘cosy’ replicating the hug a book gives us when we are reading 

We had a brilliant day celebrating in school on Friday in our cosy clothes
 writing a ‘silly story’ inspired by books we have read.
 seeing how many photos each class can take of the class reading in different places around the school.
 taking part in a competition to design a cosy reading den for the library.
 other year groups sharing a story together.
 each class had a story time with a different teacher or teaching assistant.
 children spent time enjoying reading their books and suggesting a good book to a friend.


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