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Year 1 – This Term

The science topic this term was growth, and following on from questions children had we did different experiments. We planted seeds to see how the seed changes and grows into a bean plant. We placed white flowers into coloured water to observe how the stem transports water around the plant and we also went on a spring walk to find different common plants, learning to name them. In art we were doing colour mixing, adding more of one colour and less of the other to create different tones of green. We also started painting our beachside collage, which we will complete on Friday. In maths we have been doing measurement, so using dies and cubes to measure different items.  We have also done doubling and halving this term and also did odd and even numbers. The month of the military child, we had Max’s dad come in and talk to the class about parachuting in the military, as well as letting them try on his hats etc.

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